A flexible falls risk management solution


  • A range of sensors can be connected to one or more text pagers or mobile phones. 
  • The system is flexible and extra sensors can be added at any time.
  • Each sensor will display a unique message on the text pager
  • Floor pressure mats, chair sensors, bed sensors & convulsion sensors come with a ‘nurse respond’ button which can be used to alert other staff that a message has been responded to. 
  • Simple design suitable for installation by the end user – cuts out the costs associated with third-party contractors. 
  • Battery operated sensors typically powered by AAA batteries which will last for up to one year and are easily replaced at low cost. 
  • A web-based logging system is available which stores a record of sensor activations and nurse response times.
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Installation service Greater Manchester

We also offer an Assessment, Programming & installation service if you live within the areas of Greater Manchester /  North West England – but we can go further subject to a discussion Contact us: 0161 748 1971