Call Button & Falls Detector Watch


Automatic Falls Detection

How it works

The Falls Detection Watch can be worn by a person at risk of falls in their own home. It has a built in emergency call button that can be pressed to call for help. In the event of a significant fall, the watch will transmit an emergency message to the Text Pager and one or more mobile phones.



  • The Falls Detection Watch contains a radio transmitter with a fall detection device.
  • A different message will be transmitted depending on whether the help call button or automatic fall detector are activated.


  • The Base Station connects to your Wifi network and plugs into a mains socket.
  • It will receive messages from the Falls Detection & Call Button watch and transmit these to a free mobile phone App which can be downloaded from our website.
  • We can set this up for you prior to dispatch – so that it connects as soon as you plug it in. We’ll contact you after you have placed your order to get some details.


  • The Text Pager can be carried by a carer within the same home and will receive messages from up to 200m away.
  • It is supplied with 1 x household AAA battery that will last for up to 6 weeks.
  • It will flash, vibrate and bleep when a message is received.