Dementia Home Care Kit

£785.00 £549.50

An extra pair of eyes for carers of those with dementia

It is challenging to be in two places at once when caring for a person with dementia at home.

The Dementia Home Care Kit assists carers by providing alerts when a person is likely to be at risk of falling or wandering. Everyone is different and we don’t pretend to cover every eventuality – extra sensors can be added at any time.

The kit consists of three user-friendly, battery operated sensors which will send messages to a text pager which can be carried by the carer around the home:

  • The Wireless Door Sensor will alert a carer if the front door is opened. This is aimed at reducing the chances of a person wandering outside the house.


  • The Wireless Bed Pressure Mat can be placed discretely underneath the bed mattress. It will send a message to the pager when the person gets out of the bed. It is particularly useful if a person is at risk of falling when they get out of bed. It will also alert you that the person is on the move.


  • The Wireless Chair Pressure Mat can be placed on a chair and will send a message to the pager if the person stands up from the chair or begins to slide out.


The Text Pager is designed to be carried by the carer around the home and will display a message depending on which sensor is activated, e.g. “Front Door Open”, “Getting out of bed”, “Getting out of chair”. It will also receive messages if you are in the garden.

A number of extra sensors can be added to your system depending on the needs of the person with dementia, including:

  • Extra door sensors
  • A motion sensor
  • A wireless call button (which can be worn with a wrist strap or pendant)
  • An automatic falls detection watch