Doorbell and Bleeper Pager Set


The set comes with a battery operated doorbell which is connected to a pager. When activated, the pager will vibrate, flash and beep.

The pager is designed to be very easy to use with only one button. It will receive messages from the doorbell within the range of an average garden and home.

The doorbell is completely wireless and can be attached to a wall, door or surface. It has a 400-meter range and long battery life.

The doorbell and pager come wirelessly connected and ready to go.

Additional doorbells and pagers can be added if required.

The set includes:

  • Red Bleeper Pager complete with 1 x AAA battery, belt clip and lanyard.

Please add a note at the checkout if you would like the pager only to vibrate and flash (not make a beeping noise). 

  • Door Bell complete with 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Easy to read instructions.
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