Wireless Base Station


SMART Mobile Phone Alerts

This small box connects to your home Wifi network and will transmit messages from any of our wireless products to your mobile phone.

Simply add a Wireless Base Station to your order if you would like to receive mobile phone alerts from any of our wireless sensors.


Wireless Base Station  

  • The Wireless Base Station connects to the Internet using your home Wifi.
  • It can be positioned anywhere in the house and is mains powered.
  • It will receive messages from any of our wireless sensors and forward these to your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone App

  • This can be downloaded from our website and is free to use on as many mobile phones as needed.
  • It will receive messages from the base station (provided the mobile phone has a data connection) from anywhere.
  • Keeps a record of when sensors have been activated and display low battery alerts when the sensor batteries need to be changed.