Wireless Bed Pressure Mat & Pager set

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AIRLERT® technology
The bed sensor mat will activate pager when a person gets out of bed. When carrying the pager, the carer is alerted from anywhere in the home.

There is nothing inside the mat except for air which means that it will last for years and can be placed underneath the bed mattress. It even works underneath pressure relieving airflow mattresses.

The mat is connected to a sensor box, using a small tube. Using Airlert technology, the sensor box will detect a change in air pressure within the mat as the person begins to get out of bed. This makes our sensor fast to react.

Completely wireless and battery operated, it is designed to be used straight out of the box.

Benefits over a traditional pressure mat:

  • Long-lasting – the sensor mat contains nothing except air making it extremely durable.
  • Reliable – the sensor mat covers entire area of the bed, reducing false alarms.
  • No trip hazards around the bed.
  • Faster response time because the sensor box detects reducing air pressure within the mat as the person begins to get up.
  • Discrete – the mat is hidden from view, placed underneath the mattress.
  • Simple design and five year battery life.

The Bleeper Pager allows a carer to monitor the bed pressure mat whilst on the move around a home. The pager is designed to be very easy to use with only one button. Wirelessly connected to the sensor, it beeps, vibrates and flashes when the person gets out of bed.

The Airlert bed pressure mat makes for the perfect falls prevention detection system. The system only activates when there is a significant pressure change therefore minimising false alarms. The sensor covers the whole area of the bed using a full length pressure mat placed underneath the mattress. It is therefore less likely to give a false alarm than smaller bed monitors. The system works with all mattresses even the specialist pressure relief mattresses and profiling beds.


Sticky pads included to attach transmitter to bed frame or optional protective case and rap straps
Sensor box contains extra socket to connect a floor pressure mat or call bell for extra peace of mind
No professional installation required
1 year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee


Our Airlert Bed and chair sensor boxes have a switch that allows you to monitor both a bed or chair mat sensor with the same box. If you have a bed sensor you can also purchase an additional chair mat and swap the mats around day to day, depending on your requirements.