Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mats For Nursing Homes & Hospitals


Pressure-sensitive epilepsy monitor to alert to an epileptic seizure.

The Convulsion monitor uses an Airlert™ Bed Pressure Mat to detect excessive movement of an individual whilst in bed. The system is designed to sense movement typical of a tonic-clonic epileptic seizure.


Works with all beds and mattresses. Mat goes under the mattress so no loss of comfort

The control box contains:
Dial to adjust the sensitivity (heavy – less sensitive, light – more sensitive):
Convulsion Sensor Mat & Pager Set

A yellow ‘nurse respond’ / test button – to send a message to other text pagers that a person has responded/test the system:

400m range and year-long battery life (2xAA batteries included). Low battery message sent to text pager.
Under the mattress, waterproof bed mat is 63cm x 198cm.
One year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.
A limitless number of Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mats can be linked to one or more text pagers. Each one can be programmed with a unique message, e.g. “Convulsion Sensor, Room 1”. Simply leave a note with your required message at the checkout.