Wireless LED Message Display Board


Large LED display – ideal for hospital wards or nurse stations.

The mains powered unit emits an audible alert and displays the current alert on it’s bright LED screen. The unit allows staff or carers to keep track of the current alerts from a distance.

The unit is easy to install and includes large mounting brackets for it to be attached to a wall.

The unit wirelessly detects the signal from our Pager-linked sensors.


  • Large 1meter wide display
  • Super-bright LEDs are visible even in bright sunlight
  • 2m Mains power cable
  • Range – up to 400m – range repeater available
  • audible beeping tone for each sensor alert
  • Displays multiple alerts
  • Customisable coding so can alert only to a certain sensor or multiple
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated metal construction
  • Wall bracket and fixings included
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