Using Assisted Technology in a multiple occupancy setting couldn’t be easier. Our sensors can identify when there is a need for assistance and then identify the alerting text pager to the sensor and the room location.


If you wish to monitor and re enable a new tenant with a view to designing a package of care, then simply monitor the sensors through our data software using passwords we provide.Using simple web based software we can record the events if you need to get an idea of trends of behaviour – especially at night time if you are trying to establish the need for waking night or sleeping nights.

VIEW DETAILS ON: The Logger - Web-based activity digital monitoring system

Our experience of supported living tells us that often it is issues through the night time that cause the most concern. Often clients are in their own rooms without staff presence to monitor their need. ILS have systems to alert nigh staff and day staff when the client needs assistance. Mostly this will consist of issues in and around the bed and as such we provide alerts for;

  • Enuresis Kylie mat – A mat that alerts the carer when the bed is too wet.
  • Bed Exit sensor – Lets the carer know someone is up who maybe have poor mobility.
  • Floor mat – Lets the carer know someone is up who maybe have poor mobility.
  • Epilepsy Mat – Measures Tonic Clonic seizures.. 

These are the products that can help you record and monitor events.

ILS Manchester is a North West based company and when you purchase any of our products we can offer you extra support such as Assessment, Programming or Installation services.
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